We are excited to present our list of confirmed speakers and performers thus far for the Official Edmonton Women’s Anniversary March on January 20, 2018!

Elder Elsie Paul with the Kokom Kisewatisowin Society, who will offer the opening blessing.

The Raging Grannies, long-time musical activists.

Muriel Stanley Venne, Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women, who recently became the first Indigenous woman in Alberta to have a provincial building named after her.

Mimi Williams, community volunteer, political activist, and media commentator who has been an active participant in feminist, anti-poverty and anti-racism movements in Edmonton for over 30 years.

Debbie Reid, who has spent her life working with the disability community and who attended the Women’s March on Washington last year.

Stephanie Shostak, transgender advocate and diversity and inclusion consultant.

Nasim Kherani, Edmonton President of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.

There is still more to come – be sure to follow our Facebook event for up-to-date announcements!

By wmwyeg