THANK YOU to our incredible speakers, and to the amazing Edmontonians who braved the cold on January 20 to once again proclaim that ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights.’

We had around 1000 people in attendance, and the diversity of the crowd reflected the diversity of our speakers. We also had great media coverage, and hope to get our website updated with all of our interviews and footage in the days to come.

We realize that sound was an issue at the rally, and for that we apologize. Less than 24 hours before the event, we were informed by the Legislature that there was going to be no power in the building that afternoon, and so no PA system available. After speaking with the appropriate department, we were assured we would have something in place. That “something” was a poorly functioning megaphone.

The good news is that the event was recorded by Paula. Here is a link to the playlist of all of the videos, including all of our incredible speakers.

You can also find several photo galleries at our Facebook page, including our official one from Lindsey Locke, who was also our official photographer last year. She did a super job once again!

Please continue to follow us on our social media – @wmwyeg all around – for more information about upcoming events!

By wmwyeg