On June 30, over 200 Edmontonians gathered on a holiday weekend to proclaim that families belong together, and that refugee detention must stop!

My sincere and personal thanks to the Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism for co-organizing this event and providing the incredible placards and banners. Special shout-out to Peggy Morton for helping to arrange speakers and Andre C Vachon for transportation services (a.k.a. Paula’s taxi service). Thank you Merryn Edwards and Women for Rights and Empowerment for your help as well.

Thank you Glynnis Lieb for the sound system and everyone at the Alberta Federation of Labour who helped with location logistics.

Thank you especially to our speakers: Sandra Azocar, Rod Loyola, Judith Ann Gale, and Cynthia and Jocelyn from Migrante Alberta, as well as Dorit Kosmin for the beautiful song at the end.

Most of all, thank YOU – all of you who took time out on a holiday weekend to stand for this important cause, take a postcard, sign a petition, sign a letter. The people, united, will never be defeated.

– Paula E. Kirman

By wmwyeg